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­ ­ Several advantages
Illustration Software
  • Electronic signature for in person or non face-to-face sales with a simple click
  • Illustration information is transferred into the application
  • Available online in a secure environment
  • Application validated step-by-step
  • Follow-up notifications on pending files
Electronic Application
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NEW | Electronic Application

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Note: PDUs/CE Credit are not offered in differed listening.

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  • New Electronic Application | Illustration Software


How to get access?

If you dont have a code to access My Universe, follow this link to request your code. You will received it within 24 hours

Obtain a login code

If you need assistance, or want to have a distribution contract with us, contact us or contact your MGA.

  • Toll free: 1-800-567-0988, ext. 2064
  • advisor@uvinsurance.ca


  • How to access My Universe and distribute UV Insurance products 

 You must have a distribution agreement with UV Insurance and you MGA as well as a portal access code to save an illustration and access the electronic application.  

  • Where can I find the illustration software?  

The illustration is available via My Universe portal. There are two types of access, guest access and secure access. Secure access is the only type of access allowing illustration to be saved. 

  • Will a desktop downloadable version still be available?  

The illustration is online only. There is no longer a software to download. 

  • What permissions are given to Assistant Access? 

An assistant can access the illustration software and prepare the illustration for the advisor. However, They cannot generate the electronic signature. Also, they can have access to contracts, follow-ups of new business, pending cases and remuneration.  

  • Internet connexion 

The new My Universe platform is 100% online and available on all media (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)  

  • Is a test version available?  

You can create test illustrations or applications and delete them later on. You dont need to generate the signature. 

  • What web browsers are supported?  

The following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. However, we recommend Chrome. 

  • Non face-to-face Sales 

My Universe allows and greatly facilitates sales at a distance.  


  • Is there a Financial Needs Analysis?  

Yes, on our website www.uvinsurance.ca  

  • If I create a family illustration, does the multi-contract discount apply automatically?  

You must check the appropriate box in the illustration to obtain the multi-contract discount. 

  • Saving the age 

It is possible to save the age (nearest age) in the illustration in My Universe 

  • If the client has other contracts, does he have to indicate them? 

Yes, the list of contracts in force is an important step in the analysis 


Electronic Application 
  • Consent 

You must obtain the client’s consent before starting the electronic application. A window appears at the beginning of the process to remind you.  

  • When making an application, do we have to share the screen with the client or does the client receive an illustration email automatically?  

We do not require screen sharing or any special technology. You can send the illustration by email to your client. 

  • Security and validity of the electronic signature 

The electronic signature is offered in person or remotely by email, with a single click. It is also offered in paper format, at the customer’s choice. For remote electronic signatures and by email, you must confirm a secure key with all the signatories and send the keys by different means of communication. 

Signatories have 30 days to electronically sign the application. If one signature is missing, the advisor must generate the signature again and then everyone must sign again.  

  • Will corporations / legal persons be accepted?  

Yes, you can create legal owners from the Express issue ($50,001 and more) in the application 

  • Different owner, insured and payer on the electronic application?  

It is possible to have a different owner, insured and payer on the electronic application. The application with the electronic signature allows to have up to 2 insured, 3 owners, 10 beneficiaries and 10 dependent children.  

  • Assignment – Collateral 

It is possible to indicate in the electronic application if the contract has an assignment – collateral  

  • Conditional Insurance 

The conditional insurance agreement is offered in the electronic application  

  • Can the signature also be done on a cellphone?  

Yes, all of our online tools are available on all platforms, including computers, tablets and smartphones. 

  • Period of validity of the electronic signature  

The electronic signature is available to signatories 30 days after the signature email is sent. After that, it will have to be generated again.  

  • Accepted payment methods 

We accept pre-authorized debit payments for annual and monthly payments or checks for annual payments. 

  • When remuneration is shared with another agent, is there a box to specify who keeps the service? 

In the advisor’s statement, at the bottom of the section, it is possible to indicate remuneration sharing. 

  • Electronic delivery of the contract 

Depending on the communication preferences that you indicated in the application, the insurance contract is deposited in the client portal and a notice is sent by email to your clients. 

  • Can I send a paper application for the simplified issue?

The option to send a paper or dynamic PDF application for the simplified issue is not offered. You have to submit the electronic application through My Universe. The electronic application can be signed and submitted according to the 3 following options:

  1. Electronic signature, in person (laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  2. Electronic signature, noperson face-to-face, by email with a security code given by the advisor.
  3. Or for the Express issue ($50,001 – $150,000) you can also print the electronic application generated by My Universe and sign by hand.
  • Is a «reception of a new application» notification always sent?

The notification is sent only for electronic applications. A paper application (Adapt CI or other), which will be entered manually in our system will not generate such notification since you already have a copy of the paper application.

  • Is there an equivalent age for the Term Superior+ product when joint, first to die coverage is chosen?

Since April 2020, UV Insurance does not use the equivalent age for Term Superior+ (T10, T20, T30) for a joint first to die contract. As with most insurance companies, the total premium is based on the average premium of both insured plus the contract fees.

  • Are the Preferred rates available for the Term Superior+ joint, first to die products?

The Preferred rates are offered for the Term Superior+, joint, first to die products, starting at $250,000 of amount insured. These preferred rates do not need to be requested since the product will undergo the regular underwriting process. UV Insurance will offer the best available rate, based on the information given for the underwriting. Note that since there are so many rating possibilities for this type of product, they are not included in the illustration, so as not to weigh down the document.

  • Is it possible to combine a life and critical illness insurance on the same application?

It is possible for a life insurance contract of $150,001 or more (regular underwriting).

  • Can the Multi-contract discount be applied to contracts issued with the old system?

A contract issued on My Universe (and old system) can benefit from a multi-contract discount of $15 on each if they meet the following criteria :

For contract issued with UV Insurance since December 10, 2020:
– The $15 multi-contract discount is applied on all contracts (except for the Juvenile 30/100 on the Term-to-30 portion. However, it is applicable on the $75 contract fees when the contract is renewed for the Term100)

– The discount is vetted for the duration of the contract, and will not be adjusted if there is a break in the requirements (if there is a cancellation of a contract, the $15 discount will still be valid even if it’s the only contract remaining)
– The address needs to be the same for all contracts/insured/owners and payers
– There must be a kinship bond (spouse or children) between the insured; OR
– A business link (associates) but they all need to share the same address.
– Applied to both systems (My Universe and old system)
– The contracts must have premium payments
– Regardless of method of payment (P.A.D. or cheque)

  • Is the discount available for contracts issued by other companies but for which UV Insurance is now the administrator?

It is not offered for those contracts.

  • Does it make a difference if the payment method is different?

Yes, the payment method needs to be the same.

  • If a client receives a paper copy of the contract since they did not opt for the electronic copy at the time the application was submitted, will they be able to receive it on the portal afterwards? And how to go about it?

It is possible to request it at any time. The client needs to contact our customer service department and the activation code will be sent to them following the call.

  • Are all contracts sent electronically because of COVID-19, even if it’s not indicated in the application?

No, UV Insurance follows the indications in the application.

  • I am not receiving follow up emails or signature emails from My Univers platform, what should I do?

Please use the following steps; make sure that you check if they work before going to the next one:

1. Please check all folders like your spam/junk/unwanted/promotion folders…You can always set up your email to receive our emails without problems by following the following processes for Outlook.

PC Process

MAC Process

2. Authorize Outlook as a sender

Outlook Process

3. Whitelisting us with your IT department and other related filters concerning emails.

Ask your IT department to whitelist all IP addresses from the OneSpan software, which is the software used for the electronic signatures.

US Pool (3 IPs)


EU Pool (1 IP)

  • What document is needed to validate an electronic signature?

It is required to see the audit report attached with the signed application when the advisor uploads the document after the signatures.

Here is the way to automate the process of AdobeSign:

AdobeSign Process

Under the Attach the Audit Report to documents downloaded from the Manage page

Here is the process for DocuSign:

DocuSign Process

New business and follow-ups  
  • Does UV Insurance inform the MGA of the receipt of a new electronic application?  

When the advisors submit an application, the MGA receives a notification and a copy of the application in My Universe portal. The advisors receive an application summary in their portal.  

  • Ordering medical requirements  

The requirements are ordered by the MGA or the advisor.  

  • Are electronic signatures accepted on delivery requirements?  

Yes, as long as the advisors uses a recognized electronic signature. Electronic signatures by a secured link either by your CRM or another platform (Kronos, Adobe sign, SignNow, Docusign, OneSpan, etc.)  

  • Can the forms in documents be signed electronically via My Universe platform?  

The electronic signatures is not available at the moment for “external” forms. They can be signed by any recognized means (Adobe Sign, etc) indicated on our website. For some (ex. : replacement notice), they can be uploaded in the applications. 

  • Will DocuSign on certain documents be accepted?  

Yes, documents other than the electronic application can be signed with the platforms identified by UV Insurance. Electronic signatures by a secured hyperlink either by your CRM or another platform (Kronos, Adobe Signe, SignNow, DocuSign, OneSpan, etc.) 


  • Will a client who wants an insurance amount of $50,000 or less be automatically deferred for two years when using the electronic application?  

Indeed, the simplified issue comes with life insurance provisions without medical examination. So all permanent life insurance products of $50,000 or less will be deferred insurance amounts 24/12 months depending on the type of simplified issue.  

  • Is AdapCI available with the new electronic application?  

At the moment, the AdapCI is not available for electronic application submission. The web illustration allows you to produce an illustration via My Universe portal, but you must use the dynamic PDF or paper application to submit an AdapCI request.  

  • MIB? 

The MIB information is verified for all simplified issue starting at $25,001, either Instant or Express.  

  • Can we add the credit insurance rider to the electronic application?   

The credit insurance rider can be added with the Express issue. It is restricted to the 2year option. In regular underwriting, the 3 options (2-5up to 65 years) are available.  

  • Someone who wants an Adaptable of $25,000 but not deferred, how should they proceed?  

Our Adaptable product is now offered in simplified issue for amounts between $5,000 and $150,000 and whose amounts between $5,000 and $50,000 are deferred. 

  • For the Early Learning product, can delivery be made directly to the clients including the stuffed toy?  

You must deliver the contract and stuffed KouKou. This is an opportunity to meet the family and offer them our products with reimbursement of expenses.   

  • Has the insurability declarations for $150,000 and more been revised or is it the same questionnaire as the current application?  

The requirements above $150,000 have been updated. You will find them on our website, in the illustration software or the application. The telephone interview is available up to $350,000.  


Contract Delivery 
  • If the client wishes a hard copy of the contact, is it possible?  

By default, delivery is the hard copy version. The electronic delivery option is available when you complete the new owner(s) section of the electronic application.  

  • Id there a cost for a hard copy of the contract? 

There is no charge for the first version of the contract, only for future reprints.  

  • How is the access code given to the client for their client portal?  

The client will receive an email to activate their account at the email address you specified. The process is simple for the client. 

Simplified Issue | Life Insurance with No Medical

Learn more about types of Simplified Issue

Available only with the new Electronic Application

Simplified issue is offered on all term and permanent life insurance products available from UV Insurance.

A simple way to protect your clients!
  • Immediate approval.
  • Quick emission.
  • No medical exam. No attending physician statement. No fluids.

Types of Simplified Issue
Available Products
18-75 years
Non-Accidental Death
Deferred 24 months | Premium Refund
18-65 years


18-75 years
Non-Accidental Death
Deferred 12 months | Premium Refund 12-24 months | 50% of the insurance amount
18-65 years


Term Superior +
T-10 | T-20 (18-65 years)
T-30 (18-55 years)
Juvenile 30/100
0-15 years | 4100 000
15 jours-75 years
18-65 years


What is Simplified Issue Life Insurance really for?

Many believe that this type of selection has emerged with the arrival of electronic applications. But think again, this is not the case. Certainly, electronic applications speed up contract issuance and open up new opportunities. However, applications with immediate contract delivery have existed for several years.

There was a time when this type of life insurance selection was only reserved for people who were difficult to insure. Lifestyles, criminal history, consumption, insurance history, comorbidity, fear of refusal or needles or simply for lack of time, simplified issue life insurance has always had its niche. But this area of the market is booming. The arrival of electronic applications now makes it possible to carry out a rapid risk selection, but still sufficiently thorough, even in simplified issuance. As everything is done electronically, even products in regular selection can now be referred and issued quickly. This allows insurers to offer both products for people who are difficult to insure with appropriate premium rates, but also competitive products in regular selection…all accelerated. It is therefore a question algorithm, very often without any medical examination or other invasive examinations, which makes it possible to offer a whole range of simplified issue products.

Simplified issue sees its clientele grow constantly. It now passes from people who are difficult to insure to healthy people who want a product that is issued quickly with a simple process. Not to mention that with the current situation related to COVID-19, the rules of social distancing and the upheavals experienced by the insurance world, the technological means which make it possible to avoid all contact. Distance selling or electronic signature and delivery of the contract, allowing the pursuit of financial security activities. Advisors must ensure that they now master this offer important for this product segment.

Uncertain to recognize all the opportunities related to simplified issue? Do not miss our webinar on this subject.


Simplified Issue | Life Insurance with No Medical

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