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2020 Investment Campaign

Ask for
the portfolio rate!

What is the portfolio rate?
Clients who have one or more investments with UV Insurance can receive the rate that applies to the total assets they hold, for all plans combined. Mention it in your investment application!

Uniflex short term portofolio forecast, prepared just for you:

Amount Invested
2 years rates
3 years rates
$10,000 1.60% $10,322.56 1.65% $10,503.21
$25,000 1.70% $25,857.23 1.75% $26,335.60
$50,000 1.75% $51,765.31 1.80% $52,748.89
$100,000 1.85% $103,734.23 1.90% $105,808.99

Make your clients happy
by increasing their rates!

Commission at 0.4% X duration
On Uniflex, reduce your commission to increase your client’s interest rate.

UNIFLEX is available for registered or non-registered retirement saving plan (RRSP/RSP), tax-free savings account (TFSA), registered retirement income fund (RRIF), life income fund (LIF) or locked-in retirement account (LIRA).

  • Commission: 0.40% of invested amount multiplied by chosen term
  • Interest rate increase possible by reducing advisor’s commission according to the following scale :
Credited Interest Rate Increase
0.30% mutiplied by the number of years 0.10%
0.20% mutiplied by the number of years 0.20%
0.10% mutiplied by the number of years 0.30%
0.00% mutiplied by the number of years 0.40%
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        RRSP contribution deadline: March 2, 2020

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