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Registered Investment Accounts (RIA)

Simple process. Professional solutions.

We are committed to giving licensed insurance advisors a competitive edge with the help of this savy and hassle-free investment solution .

The Registered Investment Account (RIA) is a unique concept in the industry, designed for fee-conscious investors who rely on their advisor to find a solution focused on long-term growth of their assets. Essentially, RIA is an annuity contract offered by a Canadian insurer where investor deposits are kept in the insurer’s general funds and the account mirrors the returns of one or more reference funds or strategy selected by the investor.

Our sales process and fund lineup offer the same great strategies used by most investment professionals in order to give our advisors the tools needed to compete in today’s investment management landscape.

Segregated Funds

Designed to help you worry less

We are pleased to have Fidelity Investments, CI Investments, and Louisbourg Investments as our fund partners.

Here are our key distinguishing characteristics:

  • We have 4 Assumption Life Portfolios, ranging from Conservative to Growth to match your client’s objectives.
  •  We also offer a simplified fund lineup consisting of nearly 30 funds.  Our funds are available in either no-load (series B) or back-end load (series C).
  •  We pay the same commission on both no-load and back-end load funds. We also offer a 0% commission option with a higher trailer on the no-load series.
  •  We accept deposits up to age 85, with no fund restrictions. DSC fees are waived upon death.
  •  Fund switches can be made within our different fund managers without triggering redemption fees, nor extending the guarantee period.
  •  We allow up to 4 fund switches per year; an administrative fee of $20 applies to subsequent transactions.
  •  The minimum deposit per fund is $500 in no-load (series B) and $1,000 in back-end load (series C). *Note: these minimums are waived if a PAC has been set up. The PAC minimum is $25 per fund.
  •  We offer a 100% death benefit for premiums invested before the annuitant’s 77th birthday, then reducing by 5% annually to the annuitant’s 80th birthday to 80%.
  •  We offer a 75% maturity benefit, no resets. Our maturity benefit is payable on the later of: the contract’s 15th anniversary and at age 69 for RRSPs / at age 75 for non-registered contracts. It is contract based, making it especially appealing to the mature market segment (age 50-60).
  •  Clients may redeem 10% of the accumulated value of their portfolio free of surrender fees (20% of RRIFs).
  •  Our lending partners are National Bank for RRSP loans and B2B Bank for investments and RRSP loans.
  •  Online access for you and your clients 24/7


Exclusive target-date funds

If your clients are looking for an investment strategy to grow their assets over a specified period of time for a certain goal, and not have to worry about all the financial aspects, components and jargon that comes with investing, SmartSeries target date funds is a great option for them.

Based on the target date closest to the year they plan to achieve their goal (i.e. retirement, new home, cottage, and so on), SmartSeries follows a glide path that adjusts the underlying asset allocation over time to ensure capital preservation to achieve the goal. Our expert portfolio manager, Louisbourg Investments, takes care of the mechanics of investing in a funds offering this type of investment strategy.

Ideal for

  • Retirement planning
  • Goal-oriented savings (i.e., car, vacation, renovations, etc.)
  • Education savings strategy (outside RESP)
  • Clients who are new to investing, want to start their financial planning journey
  • Clients looking for a “set it and forget it” approach
  • Clients who have limited time during the day to review and pay attention to everything happening in the markets


  • Ease of use and easy to pick an investment strategy
  • A unique and exclusive product for Assumption Life
  • Managed by a committee to ensure it meets the fund’s glide path
  • Great solution for brokers looking to simplify their compliance process


Simply select the portfolio that best suits the client’s risk tolerance and our expert portfolio manager takes care of the rest

Your clients need your help to build a financial plan and keep them on the right path. With the combined expertise of CI, Fidelity and Louisbourg Investments, rest assured that your client’s investments are in good hands.

We offer two portfolios types, traditional portfolio funds and Select portfolio funds. Our new select portfolio funds have a more global approach and include more passive investments through the use of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Our traditional portfolios are more focused on Canadian markets and active management.

Fund Managers

Renowned and exclusive partnerships

Through our subsidiary Louisbourg Investments and by means of our strategic alliance with Fidelity Investments and CI Investments, we can help you build a prosperous future.


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