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COVID-19 | Frequently asked questions


Please note that this information will be updated as the circumstances change and the government issues advisories. It is important to consult the website on a regular basis.

Travel Insurance – Last update: March 10th, 2022

In this section, you will find information regarding out of province medical coverage as well as trip cancellation and interruption coverage. Please note that, in order to benefit from these protections, they must be included in your group insurance benefits contract and they must be in force at the time of the planned travelling period.

To consult the Canadian Government’s Travel Advice and Advisories, click here.

If you are considering travelling in the coming weeks, we recommend that you refer to the Canadian government’s website https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories. It contains useful advice for travelers. You should make sure to obtain all information regarding the entry and exit requirements of the country you are visiting, as well as the requirements from the Canadian Government for your return.

If I leave the country and I need medical care, will I be covered?

If your contract includes out of province medical coverage, you will be covered for any necessary treatments following an emergency situation resulting from an accident or a sudden illness if that situation was not reasonably foreseeable at departure. Medical emergencies related to COVID-19 will be covered according to the terms of your group insurance policy. Please note that travel assistance could be disrupted due to current and future circumstances.

However, you are not covered if the government issues a level 4 travel advisory (“Avoid all travel”) for your destination.

Will I be covered if I require medical care while traveling on a cruise ship?

Yes, medical expenses incurred while travelling on a cruise ship may be eligible, subject to the same terms and conditions than other out of province medical expenses. Please refer to your booklet for all details.

Are the COVID-19 screening tests that are required to travel (either to leave or to return to Canada) eligible to a reimbursement?

No, according to the contracts these tests are not eligible expenses.

If I need to do a screening test for COVID-19 while I am abroad, where can I get help to find the local screening facilities?

You may consult the federal government’s website https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories or reach out to our travel assistance services, either by phone at 1 877 499-8881 if you are in Canada or United States or at 819 478-8881 (collect call) if you are anywhere else, or by email at operations@canassistance.com.

Will my travel insurance be extended, if my return is delayed beyond the expected date due to an imposed quarantine or due to a positive diagnostic to COVID?

If you are in a country for which there was no level 3 or 4 advisory issued by the government of Canada in relation to COVID-19 when you left the country, your travel insurance will be extended for the duration of your quarantine.

Furthermore, depending on your contract, you may be eligible to a subsistence allowance. This benefit is payable only under specific circumstances. Please refer to your booklet for more information on this subject.

Fees incurred for modifying your plans to return to the country would be eligible for reimbursement only if you are covered by the trip cancellation/interruption benefit (see question below).

Am I covered by the trip cancellation and interruption benefit?

You could be eligible to trip cancellation and interruption coverage if it is included in your contract. Several conditions must be satisfied for these expenses to be eligible.

Over the past months, the Canadian Government has issued level 3 (avoid non-essential travel) and level 4 (avoid all travel) travel advisories. You are not eligible for the trip cancellation and interruption benefit if these advisories were in force when you finalised your trip arrangements. Generally, this implies that if you booked a trip on a cruise ship before March 7th, 2022, or if you booked any other type of trip before October 21st, 2021 or between December 14th, 2021 and February 27th, 2022, you will not be eligible for the trip cancellation and interruption benefit.

Before contacting us, please contact your service provider (air carrier, travel agency, cruise line) to validate the cancellation or modification policy for your reservation.

Please refer to your booklet for all terms and conditions related to this protection.

Disability Insurance – Last update: January 4, 2022

Short term disability insurance provides income replacement while you are unable to do your regular work due to illness or accidental injury. COVID-19 is a recognized illness and certain precautions should be taken if you think you might be infected.

If you are absent from work and your group insurance contract includes a short-term disability benefit, please refer to the information below regarding COVID-19 related claims. Please check for the situations that applies to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-567-0988, extension 2077 if none of the situations described below answers your questions.

I have been tested positive to COVID-19

You are eligible to short-term disability benefits if you can not work from home. Benefits will start on the first day you are being quarantined and will last for up to 14 days. UV Insurance will waive the waiting period.

I have been tested positive to COVID-19, I am showing disabling symptoms and I am unable to perform the duties of my regular work, even from home

If you are showing COVID-19 disabling symptoms, UV Insurance will provide you with short-term disability benefits for a minimum of 14 days (the quarantine duration), starting on the first day you are being quarantined. After that period of 14 days, if you are still unable to perform the duties of your regular work, your situation will be evaluated according to the terms of your contract (disability definition and other associated provisions).

I have not been tested positive to COVID-19 but I am showing disabling flu symptoms

If you are showing disabling flu-like symptoms but you have not been tested or you have not received a positive result to the COVID-19 test, UV Insurance will evaluate your disability claim according to the terms of your contract.

I am being quarantined by a doctor, by a public health official or by my employer, I am not showing any symptoms and/or I don’t have a positive result to a COVID-19 test

In this situation, quarantine is preventive and you are not eligible to short-term disability benefits. You should refer to your employer or Employment Insurance.

I have risk factors due to my age or my medical condition

In this situation, quarantine is preventive and you are not eligible to short-term disability benefits. You should refer to your employer or Employment Insurance.

How do I apply for disability benefits claim?

It is now possible to apply for disability benefits claim online through our secure portal by clicking here

A new icone: Request for a disability benefits claim is now available in the main menu.

Supporting Documents Requirements

First of all, be aware that you can provide us with medical information in many ways: medical note, consultation report, surgery protocol, test result, progress report etc.
Therefore, in order to facilitate the processing of your disability claim, we advise you to send us all the documents you have in your possession.

You will also need provide us with the following forms :

Once completed, please return the original copy at the following address: P.O. Box 696, Drummondville (Québec) J2B 6W9, by fax: 819-474-1990 or through the online portal at: (link)  Keep a copy for your records.