UV Assurance

Complaints processing

If you want to file a complaint or your are unsatisfied with how UV Insurance handles your insurance policy, please follow this process for an appropriate solution.

Step 1 : Your advisor
Contact first your advisor, stated in your insurance policy or in succeeding communications with UV Insurance. The advisor will be able to provide all the information on your insurance policy.

If you want to file a complaint about the services provided by your advisor, please contact the Chambre de la Sécurité Financière and fill the request of investigation form, for consumers desiring to complain about a member of the Chambre.

Chambre de la sécurité financière


300, Street Léo-Pariseau, 26e floor, Montreal (Québec) H2X 4B8

Phone : 514 282-5777 or 1 800 361-9989 (no fees)

Fax : 514 282-2225

Website : www.chambresf.com

Step 2 : Customer Service
If you are not able to receive appropriate answers to questions about your file, please contact our customer service representatives, who will gladly help you.

Opening hours : Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Eastern time)
Friday: 8 h 30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Eastern time)

Personal insurance, Accidental insurance, Investment and Retirement
Toll free : 1 800 567-0988 ext. 2061

Group insurance and Creditor Insurance
Toll free: 1 800 567-0988 ext. 2076
Health & Dental Claims: ext. 2074
Disability: ext. 2077


Step 3 : Department Manager
If you are still unsatisfied, please contact the Department Manager.

UV Insurance
Attn: Department Manager
1990 rue Jean-Berchmans-Michaud
Drummondville (Quebec)
J2C 7G7
Phone : 819 478-1315 or 1 800 567-0988 (Toll Free)
Fax : 819 474-1990

Step 4 : Complaints Manager
If your problem remains unresolved, please write to our Complaints Manager. The manager will review your complaint with the necessary confidentiality.

You can also fill the Complaint form and mail it.

UV Insurance

Attn: Complaints Manager
1990 rue Jean-Berchmans-Michaud
Drummondville (Quebec)
J2C 7G7

Phone : 819 478-1315 or 1 800 567-0988 (Toll free)
Fax : 819 474-1990

Step 5 : Regulations autorities
If we have not been able to answer your request, please send a written request to the OmbudService for Life and & Health insurance (OLHI).

Phone: 1 866 582-2088
Website : https://www.olhi.ca/

If you are a Quebec resident, you can request your file to be transferred to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF):

Quebec City : 418 525-0337
Montreal : 514 395-0337
Toll free : 1 877 525-0337
Email : information@lautorite.qc.ca