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Specific measures | COVID-19

Last page update : January 31st, 2022

At UV Insurance, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and their loved ones is our priority. Therefore, we quickly executed our business continuity plan, to allow the majority of our employees to work remotely which enables us to maintain the level of service that our clients deserve. Our teams are ready to answer your questions and answer your needs with the same rigour and discipline as usual.

We are adapting our business processes to facilitate new business for you and your customers. This page will be updated frequently as the situation evolves. Be sure to refer to this page frequently and refresh your browser to obtain the latest information.


Paramedical companies to resume appointments

Paramedical companies have resumed appointment scheduling services at different levels. The appointments are offered either in the clinic or on the road.
UV Insurance will therefore now accept paramedical examinations. Please refer to the Underwriting requirements table.

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews for UV Insurance files must be ordered from Dynacare only.

Non face-to-face sales - New Business - Individual Insurance

New Business

To allow all partners and advisors to work remotely in the current context of COVID-19,  being aware that customers also prefer to avoid face-to-face meetings, UV Insurance launched My Universe, the advisor portail with the illustration and electronic application facilitating non face-to-face sales.

Simple, Quick and Intuitive

Available for all our existing term and permanent life insurance products.

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Non face-to-face sales

UV Insurance has also adapted its processes and facilitates non face-to-face sales for all individual insurance products available.

  • Accepted formats
    Originals or copies – Applicable to ALL documents

    • For copies of paper applications or PDF, UV Insurance could contact a policyholder/insured to verify the validity of the signatures or the identity.
  • Process – Term Life, Permanent Life and Critical Illness
    All individual insurance products available are eligible for non face-to-face sales.

    • Complete the e-application on My Universe or the regular applciation (PDF) over  telephone, videoconference or screen sharing.
    • Obtain verbal consent from the client to complete the application.
    • Indicate in the application if the sale was completed non face-to-face. The media or means of communicating can be indicated in the electronic application or in the additional remarks on page 21
      section B-7.
    • The following technological means are recognized by UV Insurance for non face-to-face sales, either:
      • Telephone conference
      • Screen sharing
      • Mail or fax
    • Multi-owner contracts, if they differ from the insured are also accepted and electronic applcation allows for up to 3 owners.
    • The application must be countersigned by a witness (other than the beneficiary) if not completed in person. In case that the application was signed electronically, the signature of a witness is not required. Otherwise, because of the current restrictions caused by COVID-19, if it is impossible to have a witness, UV Insurance will contact the policy owner / insured to ensure the validity of the signature.
      (Updated November 6, 2020)
  • The electronic applciation allows for easy and secure online one-click signature by email
  • In case the PDF application is used :
    • The application can be completed paper or PDF and sent to clients for review and signature by the following means
    • Electronic signature by a secure hyperlink either with your CRM or another platform (iGeny, Adobe Sign, SignNow, DocuSign, ConsignO, OneSpan, etc.)
    • Fax
    • Regular or registered mail
  • The application or a copy of the signed application can be sent as a PDF file to your MGA and to UV Insurance as soon as possible.

Sending documents to MGAs

Return the documents to your general agent according to the procedures in place while respecting the confidentiality of the documents.

Send documents to UV Insurance

If you are using Office 365 or if you have a secure TLS connection, send the documents relating to a client’s file to the following address:

Contract delivery
  • The contract can now be delivered on My Universe, the client/advisor Portal
  • You can confirm delivery of the contract by email, fax and telephone. UV Insurance agrees to receive a copy of the delivery requirements.
List of available PDF Applications

Find all available and updated forms here : Forms

Pending cases - Individual Insurance

COVID-19 – Underwriting

For new Business, if your clients travelled in another country, a period of 14 days will be required before submitting the case and symptom monitoring will be requested. If they have symptoms, we will wait for a full remission before submitting to underwriting.

For clients who plan to travel in the coming months, if the customer intends to travel anyway, the file will be deferred until 14 days after his return.


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