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Specific measures | COVID-19

At UV Insurance, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and their loved ones is our priority. Therefore, last week, we quickly executed our business continuity plan, to allow the majority of our employees to work remotely which enables us to maintain the level of service that our clients deserve. Our teams are ready to answer your questions and answer your needs with the same rigour and discipline as usual.

We are adapting our business processes to facilitate new business for you and your customers and support pending cases. This page will be updated frequently as the situation evolves. Be sure to refer to this page frequently and refresh your browser to obtain the latest information.

Updated March 27, 2020 – 11:30 am (EST)


  • Underwriting | Interim measures for paramedical examinations
  • New editable PDF Application now available
  • Early learning PDF dynamic application. Now offered until 36 months.

Non face-to-face sales - New Business - Individual Insurance

New Business

To allow all partners and advisors to work remotely in the current context of COVID-19,  being aware that customers also prefer to avoid face-to-face meetings, UV Insurance has adapted its processes and facilitates non face-to-face sales for all individual insurance products available.

Non face-to-face sales

Accepted formats
Originals or copies – Applicable to ALL documents

For applications, UV Insurance could contact a policyholder/insured to verify the validity of the signatures or the identity.

Process – Term Life, Permanent Life and Critical Illness
All individual insurance products available are eligible for non face-to-face sales.

  • Complete the application over  telephone, videoconference or screen sharing.
  • Obtain verbal consent from the client to complete the application. Consent must be confirmed by signature (electronic) on the application.
  • Indicate on page 21 of the application if the sale was completed non face-to-face. The media or means of communicating can be indicated in the additional remarks on page 21 section B-7.
  • The following technological means are recognized by UV Insurance for non face-to-face sales, either:
    • Telephone conference
    • Videoconference (Skype, Webex, Zoom, etc.)
    • Screen sharing
    • Mail or fax
  • Multi-owner contracts, if they differ from the insured are also accepted.
  • The application must be countersigned by a witness (other than the beneficiary) if not completed in person. However, because of the current restrictions caused by COVID-19, if it is impossible to have a witness, UV Insurance will contact the policyowner / insured to ensure the validity of the signature. (Updated March 23, 2020 11:45 am EST)

The application can be completed paper or PDF and sent to clients for review and signature by the following means:

  • Electronic signature by a secure hyperlink either with your CRM or another platform (Kronos, Adobe Sign, SignNow, DocuSign, etc.)
  • Fax
  • Regular or registered mail

The application or a copy of the signed application can be sent as a PDF file to your MGA and to UV Insurance as soon as possible.


Sending documents to MGAs

Return the documents to your general agent according to the procedures in place while respecting the confidentiality of the documents.

Send documents to UV Insurance

If you are using Office 365 or if you have a secure TLS connection, send the documents relating to a client’s file to the following address:

Contract delivery

You can confirm delivery of the contract by email, fax and telephone. UV Insurance agrees to receive a copy of the delivery requirements.


List of available PDF Applications
Individual Insurance English French
Adaptable,  Integral, Term Superior + and AdapCI (Editable PDF) Application ENG

(Editable PDF version)

Proposition FR

(Editable PDF version)

Juvenile 30/100 (Editable PDF) Juvenile 30/100 application ENG Juvenile 30/100 application FR
Child Rider (Term Insurance) Application ENG Proposition FR
Credit Insurance rider (editable PDF) Questionnaire ENG Questionnaire FR
Early Learning (Editable PDF) Early learning application ENG Early Learning Application FR
Additional Term Coverages On Main Application On Main Application
Additional Coverages On Main Application On Main Application



Pending cases - Individual Insurance

Pending Cases

Paramedical Services and Underwriting Requirements

Please refer to the section – Underwriting guidelines – Intermin measures.



We expect unusual delays obtaining attending physician statements.

Pending Cases

Requirements and pending are tracked through our Secure Access available here.

For pending cases, communications will be made case by case. Our Underwriting Department is currently reviewing all pending files that may be affected. Current pending files will be finalized as soon as all requirements are received. If requirements are missing, we will communicate directly by secure access to notify you of the situation and the actions to be taken. If cases can be finalized immediately, UV Insurance will proceed. Otherwise, rest assured that we are making every effort to find solutions.

COVID-19 – Underwriting

For new Business, if your clients travelled in another country and returned since March 10, a period of 14 days will be required before submitting the case and symptom monitoring will be requested. If they have symptoms, we will wait for a full remission before submitting to underwriting.

For clients who plan to travel in the coming months, if the customer intends to travel anyway, the file will be deferred until 14 days after his return.



Underwriting | Interim measures for paramedical examinations

New Business

To comply with government recommendations on public health, and to protect the health of professionals and clients, some paramedical companies have temporarily suspended paramedical examinations. Consequently, UV Insurance revised its underwriting requirements to guide advisors and MGAs. For new business, the following requirements are now applicable.


New Business accepted – included in interim underwriting requirements

For applications submitted within parameters of the interim requirements, cases will be underwritten with telephone interviews or health statements as required.

Telephone interviews can be ordered with Dynacare. For paramedical examinations, we are monitoring the situation closely and will update our requirements accordingly. Check this page frequently.


New Business – Above interim underwriting requirements | Age or amount

For applications beyond the interim underwriting requirements, according to clients wish and when specified by the advisor. We will offer the highest possible amount (max. $ 500,000) . Otherwise, cases will be adjourned.

For applications with ages above the interim underwriting requirements, cases will be adjourned.

Adjourned cases applications will be kept on file and the underwriting requirements will have to be ordered when back to normal.


Term Insurance products | Superior+ T-10, T-20 or T-30 and Whole life Insurance products  | Adaptable and Integral
Maximum amounts
0 to age 45 Up to $500 000
46 to age 55 Up to $250 000


Critical Illness Insurance | AdapCI  
Maximum amounts
16 to age 50 Up to $99 999
0 to age 15 Up to $250 000
Preferred and  Super preferred rates

Given the situation, UV Insurance temporarily suspends preferential rates in term life insurance. More information will be available shortly.

All other products are still offered
  • Juvenile 30/100
  • Early Learning

(note that Koukou the Koala will not be sent until the situation has resolved)



Detailed table of interim insurability requirements

Term Life | Superior+ T-10, T-20 or T-30 and Whole life Products
0 to 15 16 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 51 to 55 56 and more
$5,000 $ – $24,999 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T NA
$25,000 – $49,999 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T T NA
$50,000 – $99,999 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T 1 or T T NA
$100,000 – $150,000 1 or T T T T T T NA
$150,001 – $250,000 1 or T T T T T T NA
$250,001 – $500,000 1 or T** T** T** T** NA NA NA

** Credit Insurance rider is not available for amounts greater than $ 250,000 or which requires a paramedical examination.


Critical Illness Insurance – AdapCI

0 to15 16 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 51 and more
$0 – $99,999 1 1 1 1 1 NA
$100,000 – $250,000 1 NA NA NA NA NA



1)) Insurability Declaration

T) Tele interview, complete page 7 of the application




Pending cases

UV Insurance will underwrite each case and will take a decision case by case which will be communicated to the General Agents and the advisors on the Advisor Access.

All cases for which requirements have been received or will be received will be analyzed case-by-case.

Underwriting requirements
Application signed
Telephone interview and health statement
within interim underwriting requirements
With paradical examinations or other physical exams
(other than telephone interview and health statement)
Before March 10 Not yet received as of March 25 All cases will be underwritten Underwritten if possible, otherwise adjourned
After March 10 Not yet received as of March 25 Underwritten as per interim underwriting requirements, otherwise adjourned



Investment & Retirement

Non face-to-face sales

Accepted formats
Originals or copies – Applicable to ALL documents

  • For changes of owners and beneficiaries, a copy of the original signature is acceptable. Electronic signatures are not accepted, however.

For applications, UV Insurance could, for compliance reasons, contact a policyholder/insured to verify the validity of the signatures or the identity.

Annuity and GIC-TYPE products
GIC-TYPE Products
RRIF minimum amount
  • The federal government announced in its economic response plan a reduction of the minimum withdrawals for RRIFs and LIFs by 25% for 2020. Please contact us if your clients want to take advantage of this option, as the reduction is a choice of the contract owner.



Individual Insurance Investment & Retirement
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New Business and pending cases

In force



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