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To use the services of the Maple platform, you must first register by completing these three easy steps. 

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You can chat with the live platform staff from the app or website.

I have never had an account with Maple and I want to set up my account.

1. Enter your ID
Your ID is your insurance certificate number.
2. Click on “Continue”.
3. Fill in your profile
4. Create your login information for your account setup.

I have already registered and would like to use Maple’s services.

| Mobile application available
(After setting up your account, you can download the application for quick use via your mobile device)

Overview of services

General practitioners

Speak with a Canadian-licensed general practitioner within minutes for medical advice,
prescriptions, lab requisitions, and more.

Care concierge

Not sure where to begin or have questions? Contact
your care concierge to work out the steps in your holistic health journey.

Mental health counselling

Manage whatever challenges life has thrown your way. Choose to schedule an appointment with a mental health therapist or see one as soon as possible.

Mental health check-ins

Complete short, clinically-validated questionnaires to help you recognize signs of common mental health conditions and support your conversations with Maple clinicians.

Resource library

Practice mental health self-care with a personalized selection of articles, videos and more – exclusively curated from experienced professionals.

How does it work?

Consult a general practitioners

Describe your symptoms in the application, then talk to a doctor or nurse practioner and get a diagnosis or a prescription

Consult a mental health therapist


Consult a therapist within 12 hours or make an appointment, then enter the reason for your visit and consult the therapist


Examples of problems that online doctors can treat:
Cystitis, urinary tract infections, colds, flu, eye infections, sexual health problems, erectile dysfunction, vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems, and more.

Frequenly Ask Questions

What is Maple?

Maple is a healthcare platform for fast, convenient access to doctors and mental health therapists online via text, audio, or video as well as other wellbeing supports. Simply log in, request a visit, and you’ll be matched with a provider. You can see a mental health therapist on demand in under 12 hours or schedule an appointment.

How do I create my account?

You can visit www.getmaple.ca/uv-insurance and enter your certificate number and date of birth. If you already have a Maple account, you can click «Sign In» in the top right corner of the page to link your coverage to your existing account.

What devices can I use to access Maple?

You can access Maple using your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have an iOS or Android device, you can download the Maple mobile app.

What are the details of my coverage?

To view your coverage, log into your Maple account and click on your «UV Insurance» coverage tab.

Why am I being asked to pay for covered services?

You must register at www.getmaple.ca/uv-insurance to ensure that your coverage with UV Insurance is linked to your account. If you are being asked for a payment, it’s probably because you registered directly through Maple’s public website. Please note that you will also be asked to pay if you exceed the capped number of visits. In this case, you may continue to use these services, but you will be required to make a payment. You can view your coverage details when you are logged into your account by clicking on the «UV Insurance» tab on your main dashboard.

How do I add my family members?

If your dependent is under 18, add the information under the “Patient Profiles” tab in your account. You can then request care on their behalf. For dependents 18 and older, access the “UV Insurance” tab and send them an email invitation to create their own account.

Can I access the service outside my home province?

Yes, be sure to select your current location when seeking care so that you receive care that meets the care guidelines for that province.

Who are Maple’s physicians?

The general practitioners on Maple are experts in the medical field. They are located across Canada and represent family physicians, emergency physicians, and nurse practitioners, all licensed to practice in Canada.

Can Maple’s doctors speak my language?

Maple is available in English and French. You can change the language from your account settings.

How do online medical visits work?

Maple’s licensed general practitioners practice family medicine and emergency medicine in Canada. General practitioners can treat many problems virtually, including cold symptoms, infections, chronic diseases, skin problems chronic diseases, sexual health problems, and many others. During your consultation, you can expect to talk to the general practitioner about your medical history and your symptoms. At their discretion, the doctor may provide you with medical advice, prescriptions, medical certificates, requests for lab tests, requests forimaging requests, referrals to specialists, and more. Please note that Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family physician care of a family physician.

Is my health information private?

Yes, your personal health information is private on Maple. When you use services, your session is protected by a comprehensive security infrastructure and strict data policies. You always have control over your personal health information. Read Maple’s privacy policy for more information (getmaple.ca/en/privacy-policy).

Can I get prescriptions?

Yes, at the discretion of your treating general practitioner. If you receive a prescription, you will have the option to pick it up at any pharmacy in Canada or have it delivered to your doorstep within 1-2 business days.

Can I get requests for lab tests or diagnostic imaging?

Yes, at the discretion of your treating GP. Secure electronic forms are generated on Maple and can be printed and taken to any local laboratory or non-hospital imaging center. Results will be uploaded to your Maple medical record and follow-up can be done virtually on Maple or with your family physician.

Can I get a referred to a specialist?

Yes, at their discretion, general practitioners on Maple refer you to specialists in the community. After your consultation on Maple, you will be informed of the specialist you were referred to and can proceed with the specialist visit in your local community.

Is there a limit to what doctors can do on Maple?

Maple is not intended for medical emergencies. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

Does Maple replace my family doctor?

Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family physician. The platform can be useful for people who do not have a family physician as well as for people who have a family physician but are unable to access them to manage primary care issues that arise.

Why did the general practitioner recommend that recommended that I seek care in person?

As with in-person visits, all medical decisions are at the discretion of each medical decisions are at the discretion of each individual provider. If the physician determines that the symptoms and medical history require an in-person evaluation to safely treat the patient, he or she may recommend in-person care.

Are there provincial regulations that affect how physicians provide referrals?

Yes. In Quebec, when a physician is in virtual consultation with a patient, he or she is not allowed to recommend a visit to the emergency room or hospital, request a consultation with a specialized physician or refer the patient to a walk-in clinic for an examination without first arranging for this face-to-face care to take place through an established referral system. In order to comply with this regulation established by the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ), Maple has a referral program for in-person care. Specifically, they work in partnership with the private clinics ELNA Medical and Excelle® to offer patients requiring in-person care the opportunity to book an appointment at an available private medical clinic.

The steps in the referral process for in-person care are
as follows:
1) If the symptoms and medical history require an in-person evaluation, the physician will provide the patient with a «Recommendation for Care» for an in-person appointment.
2) Following the consultation, once the «Recommendation for Care» has been obtained, the patient will be able to contact a Maple navigator who will assist the patient in booking a consultation at a clinic.
3) The clinic will contact the patient directly to confirm the details of their appointment and associated fees.

Can I request a specific general practitioner in particular?

No. Maple selects the next available physician available to begin your consultation as soon as possible.

Will my health information be available on Maple?

Each patient has a secure virtual medical record on Maple. It captures data from each interaction on Maple (which can be shared with your family doctor directly from the platform) and also allows patients to contribute their own medical data (pre-existing conditions surgeries, vaccinations, medications, etc.).

What can an online psychotherapist treat?

Maple therapists can help with many things, including managing anxiety, exploring depression or low moods, discussing relationship challenges, addressing work stress, helping to navigate life changes, increasing focus, performance and motivation and exploring grief or loss.

Can I request a specific psychotherapist?

Yes. You have the option to request a specific psychotherapist when requesting a psychotherapy visit through either Maple.

How do I request a visit with a psychotherapist?

To request a consultation with one of Maple’s psychotherapists, log in to your Maple account and click on the «Get Started» icon.

What else do I need to know about the «Recommendations for Care» issued by licensed physicians in Quebec?

1) In-person consultations will be conducted outside the Maple platform by a non-affiliated physician. The in-person consultation and associated medical record will not appear in the patient’s Maple account.
2) ELNA and Excelle® are networks of private clinics. A fee will be charged to the patient for consultation at an ELNA or Excelle® clinic.
3) At any time, a patient can choose where they would like the to have the in-person assessment conducted (e.g., at their family doctor’s office or at a walk-in clinic public walk-in clinic). Maple’s team of navigators will confirm the patient’s and can help them make an in-person appointment at a partner clinic if they wish to access private care.
4) There will be no additional cost to employer/UV Insurance for employee access to «Care Referrals» and coordination of and coordination of in-person appointments.

What happens if I am no longer covered by UV Insurance?

Your Maple account remains active even if you are no longer covered by UV Insurance. If you do not have coverage, you will be asked for payment when you request a consultation.